Department of Economics and Economic Policy kindly invites you to participate in the Scientific Conference: THEORY AND PRACTICE OF PRODUCTION IN AGRI-FOOD SECTOR”, the 8th in the series of the conferences on leading topic “CHANGES IN AGRI-FOOD SECTOR IN EUROPEAN COUNTRIES”, which will be held at 1st December 2016 in Warsaw.

December 1st, 2016, Warsaw, Poland

Please, submit your conference registration form and contribution paper via email to

The conference papers accepted after review will be published in scientific journals.

Conference language: Polish, English




  1. Production factors and production factors’ markets in agrifood sector
  2. Competition and competitiveness in agrifood sector
  3. Food security
  4. Food quality and food safety
  5. Trends in consumption of food products
  6. Public support for production in agrifood sector
  7. Environmental aspects of producing agrifood products
  8. Risk in agrifood sector
  9. Financing production in agrifood sector
  10. Profitability of production in food sector




Alina Daniłowska Ph.D. (WULS Professor)


Dr Aneta Mikuła

tel. (+48) (22) 59 340 37

Dr Piotr Adamczyk

tel. (+48) (22) 59 340 37

Department Secretary

tel. (+48) (22) 59 340 30



After the long abstracts (in Polish or English) are received, the papers will be suggested for publication in one of the following journals:


  • Acta Scientiarum Polonorum – Oeconomia
  • Annals of Agricultural Economics and Rural Development
  • The Scientific Journal of Warsaw University of Life Sciences, Economics and Organization of Agri-Food Sector
  • The Scientific Journal of Warsaw University of Life Sciences, Problems of World Agriculture
  • Electronic Journal of Polish Agricultural Universities


When you receive the decision concerning the choice of journal, please, prepare the paper according to the journal’s requirements:


The papers will be published under the condition of two positive reviews.


Some of the papers will be published after the conference (1st quarter of the 2017).



  • 30.06.2016 r. Conference registration and submission of long paper abstracts (ca 2500 characters including spaces),
  • 15.07.2016 r. Information about acceptance of long paper abstracts
  • 16.09.2016 r. Submission of the papers (full text)
  • 16.09.2016 r. Deadline for conference fee payment and submission of payment confirmation


Papers sent after the deadline will not be accepted.

Conference fees

The fee for conference participation with the publication is 250 EUR and covers participation in sessions, conference materials, publishing costs, and lunch.

The fee for conference participation without publication costs is 75 EUR and includes admission to the sessions, conference materials, and lunch.

From a paper’s co-authors participating in the conference, only one full fee is required (250 EUR), for other authors it is the reduced fee (75 EUR).

If the article is rejected for publication, organizational fee is 75 EUR.

We do not accept papers without participation in the conference.

The process of reviewing a paper will begin only after the fee is paid.

If cancellation of participation takes place after October the 31st, the payment will not be refunded.

Payment should be made to the following bank account:
Beneficiary: Warsaw University of Life Sciences
166, Nowoursynowska St., 02-787 Warsaw
Bank: Bank Polska Kasa Opieki S.A. O/Warszawa
IBAN: PL 44 1240 6003 1111 0000 4945 5230

ANNOTATION: 507-20-080200-N00258-99 + the name and surname of the participant